Is it Summer or Fall?

Is it Summer or Fall?

Aahhhh….. Watching the waves crashing against the shoreline in front of you and feeling the water rushing around your ankles is one of the best feelings of life.  Playing in the shallow water in your Trixie bathing suit that makes you feel skinny even though you forgot about your diet last week is FREEDOM.

Summer has been extended!! It has certainly gone on far beyond what anyone in California expected or could have hoped for.  Every year we hear residents of the beach towns on the coast refer to the weeks after Labor Day as “Local’s summer”.  They are talking about that magical little window of late September and early October when the water is the warmest and the beaches are virtually empty after most have gone back to school and work.  Travel agents call it “Shoulder Season”.  California may be known for the sunshine, but we are on a whole new playing field this year.  The first day of autumn was several weeks ago and towns along the coast of Southern California are still breaking new heat wave records in OCTOBER.  People in areas which are consistently 74 degrees are confused by the triple digit temperatures.  Many have forgotten how to use a thermostat or don’t have air-conditioning at all.  It’s CRAZY!

We may be melting, but let’s not panic! In fact, let’s all put on our new Trunkettes and head to the beach! The water is still warm and certainly more refreshing than sitting in our hot homes.  If the sand is too warm, the water is the place to be!  So grab your Trixie or your Daisy Trunks and get out into the sea breeze!  Just standing at the vast edge of the ocean can be so therapeutic.  If you are stuck inside during the days, go watch the sunset after work.  Pretty soon it will be setting while you still have another hour at the office.  So far this Fall Season hasn’t had very much of the crisp cool air and fuzzy sweater weather, but it certainly has the amazing sunsets! Luckily, Trunkettes still has plenty of pretty bathing suits with matching trunks or cover-ups to keep you living free by the ocean or swimming pool for as long as the warm weather will last.  Once fall turns to what might become a long El Nino winter, you might miss the very warm sunny days, so live it up! 

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