Love of Travel



Do you LOVE to travel?! Do you plan to go on a search to find a warmer climate this winter? Maybe this next trip will be a chance to reconnect with your man or to find new ways to enjoy some quality time with your family.  Either way, chances are that it’s MUCH needed time just to be AWAY.  Experiencing new things, revisiting old favorites, and making new memories… those are the things that make life truly wonderful.  So you’ll probably need a new bathing suit that is as fun and sexy and adventurous as you are for that trip to be everything you’ve been looking forward to. 

Now that airfare and cruises to tropical destinations are becoming more affordable, it seems like everyone we talk to is planning some amazing exotic trip.  Fiji, Thailand, Tahiti, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos… and all of them require swimwear!  Soon it will be time to put aside the pants and shave those legs, ladies.  Even the people going to a ski lodge are probably going to have a hot tub!  So now that we’ve added a razor to the packing list, let’s talk style.  Do you need a sexy bikini that can be untied easily under a secluded waterfall, or are you feeling like the more that stays covered the better? No matter what your preference is, you need something that feels good and looks good on Y-O-U.  Confidence is everything.  If you are an adventure seeker you probably want a pair of shorts that can go for a hike, stay on securely while you swim under that waterfall, and dry quickly on the hike back.  Trunkettes has those! No matter what your ideas of fun and relaxation are, there is a cute and comfortable option that will fit your sense of adventure and be the perfect style to show off those legs!

Maybe after trips in the past there have been bathing suit photos you’d rather have hidden or deleted completely, but this year photos of you in your Trunkettes swimwear are sure to be included in the highlight reel.  The confidence you feel in your sexy new Trunks or Trixie will be one of your top favorite vacation memories forever!  Check out the gorgeous Aqua Lace print that comes in every style you can think of so you can mix and match!  Whatever combination you choose, feel free to tag a photo of you in your new #Trunkettes. Whether you’re in some far flung location or your own back yard, we love hearing from you!  Travel well, friends!



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