Thankful for Trunkettes


Thanksgiving is here! November definitely snuck up this year.  Plans for hosting or for sitting in traffic to go visit extended family have been finalized.  The menu is planned but for some reason the grocery list and packing list keeps growing.  The sweatpants with loose elastic should definitely be on the packing list for after the big meal.  Will you be packing a bathing suit?  That may not seem like a top priority item for most people at Thanksgiving, but for us it is. 

Thanksgiving is all about traditions.  One of the best traditions is spending some time thinking about the things you are most thankful for.  It’s a common tradition to spend it with your favorite people or with people you are related to – and lucky you if those categories align!   Some people play football and others spend the weekend discussing politics or decorating for the next holiday.  My family has a relatively new tradition of spending Thanksgiving in Grandma’s fancy retirement community in Arizona.  Among the amazing amenities you can travel to via golf cart, there are several huge, beautiful, and HEATED swimming pools.  Therefore, packing swimwear is a MUST for us.  Spending the weekend poolside after stuffing ourselves with stuffing is always a daunting idea.  However, there are two redeeming aspects: The first is that this is far better than shoveling snow and the second is that Trunkettes will be there for moral support.

Trunkettes has plenty of cute little bikinis in fun colors if you are planning to spend time at the beach or by the pool and feel confident in your lovely skin.  And, if you are coming from a large meal with mashed potatoes, gravy, buttered rolls, or pie there are also options in dark slimming colors with cute shorts or kimono cover-ups to match.  In the unlikely event that restraint will be shown when it comes to those temptations, the Trixie will be an excellent choice.  It has yet to be tested on what I will tenderly refer to as the ‘Turkey Tummy’ but I believe it is up for the task.  It is incredibly sleek and slimming and will surely be ready for the challenge.  And for those who prefer to have a little more covered, there are several styles of cute shorts.  For the day or two after a notoriously huge meal, the shorts that cover the larger-than-usual hips and tummy pooch are definitely the best way to go.  Wherever you may be this Thanksgiving season, we wish you safe travels, good weather, enjoyable company, and large helpings of your favorite foods. Happy Eating!

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Teri brown

I love the black one piece Trixie. Is there anyway to get it in blue?

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