Winter in the Tropics


Would you rather go to Hawaii or the Caribbean?  After what felt like a never-ending winter in some parts of the country last year, everyone who likes to travel is dreaming of a tropical getaway as this winter season quickly approaches.  Maybe you are loading the family in the car or perhaps you are flying off to that exotic destination you've always dreamed of.  After you decide where to go, and if you should invite your family, the next big question to arise is what you will wear.  Let the packing begin!

Shorts, dresses… and most importantly, which bathing suits will you take? Last year’s one-piece is getting stretched out in funny places… What about the faded one you’ve loved for years? Should you toss in that bikini you will probably need a cover up for?   Chances are that for this winter holiday you definitely deserve a new bathing suit in your stocking!  The prettiest shoes and purses in the world simply cannot compete with a new two-piece that makes you feel gorgeous and sexy.  There’s nothing quite like finding something you can wear to the beach or pool that emphasizes those fantastic curves and covers the spots you don’t feel like showing off right now. So many women who like to swim won’t go in the water because they don’t want to swim in their shorts, but walking toward the water without the shorts doesn’t appeal either.  Well, the designers at Trunkettes know that story well, and they are here to help!  Nobody needs to feel self-conscious on vacation!! There are beautiful colors and patterns to fit your taste and a choice of styles that will fit you better and make you feel more confident in your mermaid pose than you have in years. Every bathing suit top has a coordinating pair of shorts that can be worn as bathing suit bottoms too!  The shorts come in a variety of fits and styles so that no matter your body type, there is something that will look great on YOU.  There is also a new one-piece style called ‘The Trixie’ that hugs and wraps you in shape-wear fashion.  The Trixie has an open bust and can be worn with a variety of coordinating tops in any color and size you like.  When you find your style that best fits with your beautiful and unique body, you’ll know you are ready to show it off on that beach you’ve been dreaming about.  Who knows? It may completely change your idea of fun in the sun.

Whether you’re packing up the car and driving to the nearest beach or you’re off to meet your yacht in the Greek Isles, Trunkettes has you covered. We want you to feel confident, sexy, and look your best when you get to that vacation destination you’ve been waiting to explore while you get re-acquainted with that old flame, Mr. Sun. 




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Simone Gilbert

Saw your swimsuits on Ashley Graham. Can’t seem to find the red one piece on your site. Can you let me know if your going to be selling it on your website.

Thank you,

S. Gilbert

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