Who We Are


Hilary Genga – Founder and CEO

Trunkettes was the brainchild of Hilary Genga, a mom entrepreneur in search of a
trendy bathing suit that provided more freedom and comfort than traditional
swimwear. Her story, from initial startup idea to creating fashionable suits that are
not only comfortable and confidence building but glamorous to boot, is an
inspiration to all women.

Hilary had been wearing her husband’s swim trunks for years, matched up with cute
bikini tops. She was much more comfortable at the beach and the pool wearing
trunks than a traditional women's swimsuit.  It looked super cute and she could be
as active as she wanted (especially running after her kids) without worrying about a
wardrobe malfunction.  Still, she wanted something a little more feminine and made
for a woman's body.  After looking for years in department stores and never finding
what she wanted, Hilary decided to create them herself. 

She went to her friend Kristen Greven, who had recently graduated fashion school.
Kristen immediately made sketches and then some prototypes, and the business
was off and running. Some great publicity early on really opened up a lot of doors
for Trunkettes. Hilary loves that she hears from women all the time praising her
product, and loves that she is doing her part to promote women in business.

Hilary grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended USC's prestigious theatre school,
where she honed her creative skills as well as her business skills.  She then started a
nonprofit production company, where she produced many successful original plays
and musicals. After getting married and having two children, she decided she
wanted to use her entrepreneurial skills to start a successful business, and help
secure her children's future. She also loved the idea of a business focused on women
run by women.

Hilary lives in LA with her husband and two kids. The Southern California Business
Journals recently honored Hilary as 2015 Women In Business CEO of The Year.